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How computers formed a generation of memories in the 1990s

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In 2009, when I was annoyed by my thoughts during an interview, I dug up the paperback of Bloom County, a comedian who belonged to my father, Burke Brehed.

You can find a fictitious laptop on Appled, identified as Banana Jr. 6000? , This is an excellent false advertisement, in which a cartoon Simmons (Simmons) showed his full support. When I interviewed more than once, I timidly asked him to sign my comics.

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Most people have no experience with desktop computers at all, but this must be part of my father's early engineering. He is an amateur and he spends most of his free time in the "computer room". At the back of the house. His field is a dim, narrow space filled with components, manuals, comics, CD-ROMs and floppy disks, and a Macintosh. It won the immortal achievement in the 18th Super Bowl in 1984, broadcast The time of departure is exactly the same as the calendar year in which I was born.

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Banana Jr. 6000 is an element of pop culture essays. It defines my romantic relationship with my relatives’ personal computers: for a period of time, the computer system is a weird, temperamental close friend from time to time, and you must learn how to get along. In the 1990s, home laptops were marketed as equalizers, or at least to some extent, a must-have device ready for use in the 20th century.

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